Brief Intro to Social Networks

These are my notes from the Learn Trends: Networked and Social Learning online mini-conference. This isn’t my usual comprehensive live blogging, just snippets of things that caught my interest. I wanted to actually participate in the chat and watch Twitter too, and I couldn’t juggle all of it at the same time. This is post 1 of 3.

Intro to Social Networks

George Siemens & Tony Karrer

Social & Networked Learning combines psychology and technology

Developing the whole person wasn’t valued–behaviorism didn’t care what people think, just what they do. If you’re running an assembly line, it only matters what employees produce, not what they are thinking.

Cognitivism was the shift to recognizing that what people think matters.

Tony: coming less from the theoretical underpinning, seeing more of this in the changes in how he gets information. What used to be search/research is more conversation now.

A lot of the networking and connecting has been going on with different structures for a long time, but it’s changing.

“We can be more productive with an individual, expert-based model.” –George

More on Tony’s ideas on networked learning.

George’s definition: connecting, often using technology–using the value of other people to be more productive and better at what we do

Moderator (Will Thalheimer): My thoughts at the moment: Learning at a cognitive level is individual. It affects the cognitive neural substrate of the individual. It can be augmented, influenced, controlled by social interactions. STILL, it is an individual thing. Sometimes being social can help learning. Sometimes it can hurt.

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