Daily Bookmarks 07/14/2007

Scissors and Cell Phones (Techlearning blog) Argument for allowing cell phones in schools but teaching kids how to use them appropriately. Wes Fryer compares it to scissors: Can scissors be used inappropriately by students? Of course, but we still allow them in classrooms and we teach how to use them safely and correctly. – post by christyinsdesign

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Daily Bookmarks 07/13/2007

TrainingBlogs Portal created in Pageflakes with an extensive collection of e-learning, training, and education blogs. – post by christyinsdesign It’s Time to Drop E-Learning – 11 Jul 2007 An argument for dropping the e in e-learning, focusing just on the learning and not the medium.  – post by christyinsdesign Footnote – The place for original documents online Some

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Daily Bookmarks 07/12/2007

eSchool News online – Groups push for media-literacy education  Annotated Article on state standards in media literacy – post by christyinsdesign According to SETDA and CIC, media literacy means knowing how to access, understand, analyze, evaluate, and create media messages on television, the internet, and other outlets. It also means “knowing how to use these and other technologies

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Daily Bookmarks 07/11/2007

Web of Connections Will Richardson’s wiki with resources for his presentation “A Web of Connections: Why the Read/Write Web Changes Everything” – post by christyinsdesign It’s not plagiarism, it’s an easy essay « Learn Online Interview with a representative from one of the essay writing companies, which claims its paid papers for students are “100% plagiarism free.”

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Daily Bookmarks 07/10/2007

Consensus: Podcasting Has No ‘Inherent’ Pedagogic Value Brief summary of multiple studies on podcasts, with a link to a whitepaper for further reading. Essentially, several studies have shown that podcasts aren’t automatically valuable to students; it depends on how they are used. Hey, what do you know–technology isn’t a magic bullet that makes even bad

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Daily Bookmarks 07/09/2007

Sample Size Calculator by Raosoft, Inc. Nice calculator with multiple variables to determine the sample nice needed for your choice of margin of error and confidence level. Automatically creates alternate scenarios where the sample size or confidence level is different so you can compare. – post by christyinsdesign Margin of Error Calculator Enter the population and sample

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Daily Bookmarks 07/06/2007

Easy Peasy Rich Media – VoiceThreads » CogDogBlog Alan Levine’s review of VoiceThreads, which allows you to add audio captions to photos. He includes some examples and talks about the possibilities. – post by christyinsdesign 21st Century Collaborative: Pew Internet Project latest report on the state of at-home broadband access New statistics on the digital divide, specifically

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Daily Bookmarks 07/04/2007

JoSS: Journal of Social Structure: Visualizing the Signatures of Social Roles in Online Discussion Groups Research with interesting methods of visualizing networks and response patterns in online discussion groups. This paper is focused mostly on people who play the role of “answer person” in these groups, the people who answer lots of questions for others

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Daily Bookmarks 07/03/2007

Enhancing the motivation of African American students: An achievement goal theory perspective Journal of Negro Education, The – Find Articles  Annotated Research on using achievement goal theory to improve motivation among minorities in schools. – post by christyinsdesign Studies suggest that schools which emphasize task goals-the engagement in academic tasks for the purpose of learning and improving-are more

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