Daily Bookmarks 07/02/2007

midomi  Annotated Audio search tool. Got a song stuck in your head that you can hum but don’t know anything else about it? Use your microphone to record a snippet of the song. Midomi says it can find it. – post by christyinsdesign Search for music by singing or humming part of a song. All you need is […]

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Daily Bookmarks 06/29/2007

Kapp Notes: So Far to Go: A Local School Board Candidate Armed with Mis-Information Summaries and links to multiple sources supporting the effectiveness of 1-to-1 laptop programs in schools. Collected by Karl Kapp to rebut a school board candidate who says there’s no proof supporting improved learning through laptops. – post by christyinsdesign

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Daily Bookmarks 06/28/2007

EDUCAUSE Quarterly | The Importance of Nonverbal Elements in Chat  Annotated Study of nonverbal signals (smileys, multiple punctuation, onomatopoeia) in text-based chat. This research found that the informal nonverbals helped build the learning community and encourage groups. – post by christyinsdesign Nonverbal communication adds nuance or richness of meaning that cannot be communicated by verbal elements alone. Given

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Daily Bookmarks 06/27/2007

Cognitive Daily: Implicit attitudes: How children develop biases about race Examines differences in implicit and explicit bias between children and adults. Explicit bias diminishes with age, but implicit bias appears to be set before age 6 and remains constant through adulthood. – post by christyinsdesign VoiceThread Upload photos and then record audio explaining them. Check out the

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Daily Bookmarks 06/26/2007

No more school as council opens ‘learning centres’ – Independent Online Edition > News  Annotated A school district in the UK is closing their secondary schools and replacing them with learning centers where students can learn independently. It’s hard to tell exactly how this will work from the brief article, but it’s an interesting concept. It

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Daily Bookmarks 06/25/2007

Designer eLearning: Promoting Collaboration – Horton Summary Summary of William Horton’s comparison of online collaboration tools: email, asynchronous discussion boards, chat, whiteboards, and screen sharing. – post by christyinsdesign ‘Building Accessible Websites’ (Joe Clark; 2006.01.29) Joe Clark’s accessibility book–full text available online. I have a print copy, but it’s nice to know that it’s available online to

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Daily Bookmarks 06/23/2007

Who’s Coming to Dinner – Survey Says! : Bump on the Blog Results from a survey on diversity in the edublogosphere. Not surprisingly, it’s mostly white middle class. The ratio of women to men was about even though. – post by christyinsdesign Next Vista for Learning Collection of online videos for learning. Videos are in three collections:

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Daily Bookmarks 06/21/2007

SecondLife Drama: The Unofficial Complete Fool’s Guide to Second Life Amusing beginner’s guide to Second Life, with a narrative thread that pretends that the author was transported into the world without any idea what he was getting in to. – post by christyinsdesign IRRODL Vol 8, No 2 (2007): Mobile Learning Issue of IRRODL on mobile learning.

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Daily Bookmarks 06/19/2007

Will at Work Learning: People remember 10%, 20%…Oh Really? Will Thalheimer tracks down some “research” that has been cited unquestioningly by many learning professionals but isn’t really what it seems to be. It’s based on Dale’s Cone of Experience, but the numbers aren’t part of Dale’s original graphic and don’t seem to be based on

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