Daily Bookmarks 06/18/2007

Eide Neurolearning Blog: Voluntary Control of Attention – Visual and Auditory Multi-Tasking  Annotated Looking at what happens in the brain when we’re multitasking with both the visual and auditory channels. This seems to contradict the cognitive overload theory, at least in how it’s presented here. I need to go through some of the references provided to […]

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Daily Bookmarks 06/17/2007

Donald Clark Plan B: Gagne’s Nine Dull Commandments  Annotated Don Clark’s not very favorable explanation of Gagne’s 9 events of instruction. It’s an amusing read. – post by christyinsdesign 2 Stating the objectiveNow bore the learner stupid with a list of learning objectives (really trainerspeak). Give the plot away and remind them of how really boring this course

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Daily Bookmarks 06/15/2007

Adobe – Accessibility Resource Center Accessibility information from Adobe, including a whitepaper on designing accessible Flash content. – post by christyinsdesign WebAIM: Creating Accessible Macromedia Flash Content Guidelines and ideas on how to make Flash content accessible. Includes examples and .fla files. – post by christyinsdesign

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Daily Bookmarks 06/14/2007

Internet breathes life into dying languages | Lifestyle | Reuters  Annotated Dying languages are postponing their demise through online communities. Wikipedia is one outlet for rare languages, but blogs, discussion forums, and YouTube are helping preserve these languages and engage younger generations. – post by christyinsdesign “To put it into perspective only two to four percent of the

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Daily Bookmarks 06/13/2007

freesound :: home page Collection of Creative Commons licensed sound clips.  – post by christyinsdesign Free Sound Effects A small collection of royalty-free audio clips. – post by christyinsdesign FindSounds – Search the Web for Sounds Search engine for sounds. No information on licensing is included with the search, so you have to check the source site for

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Daily Bookmarks 06/12/2007

kurt squire’s research: Designing Game-Based Learning Environments Kurt Squire’s research in educational gaming environments. Some of this is just citations of published works without links, but many of the articles are available online. – post by christyinsdesign Mark’s edtechblog: Third graders on blogging Reflections from third graders after a year of blogging.  – post by christyinsdesign Quotes:“I also

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Daily Bookmarks 06/11/2007

Directory of E-Learning Tools: File storage and sharing tools  Annotated Collection of file sharing and storage tools. Very brief descriptions are included here, plus links. From Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day. – post by christyinsdesign These tools are for users to store files (whether it be documents, images, videos etc), to tag them and to share them

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Daily Bookmarks 06/10/2007

Bill Kerr: what did the printing press change and how quickly did those changes happen?  Annotated An interesting look at the idea of how culture (Western culture, at least) was changed by the invention of the printing press. Kerr summarizes points by John Lienhard that the printed book prompted the beginning of scientific reasoning. He says

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Daily Bookmarks 06/08/2007

Mashups – Open, Connected, and Social Wiki about educational mashups by Brian Lamb – post by christyinsdesign EDUCAUSE Quarterly | E-Learning at a Crossroads—What Price Quality? Article on quality in online higher ed courses. Outlines some issues, such as part-time faculty and accreditation, but doesn’t really talk about direct measure of learning. – post by christyinsdesign

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