Horn Choir as Learning Community

Image citation Practicing Open-Air Scales from KOMT‘s photostream. This fall I joined a 16-player horn choir called the Cor Corps. It’s been a lot of fun to be back playing again after I took a few years off. During our rehearsal last Saturday morning, I reflected on all the ways that this is a supportive […]

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Online Discussion Facilitation Skills

Someone asked me a question this week about skills for facilitating online discussion forums. He specifically mentioned two areas: Preventing discussions from disintegrating into flames and nastiness Helping discussions become more effective learning tools Our company includes some training on guiding online discussions as part of the required training for everyone who teaches online. However,

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Does Ning Crash Your Browser?

I had given up on Ning several months ago when it suddenly started crashing my browser whenever I tried to access messages or friend requests. However, I thought I’d try again after seeing mention of the Building a Better Blog group and several others related to learning and education. Unfortunately, things don’t seem to have

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Facebook as LMS?

Sarah Robbins posted on Ubernoggin today with the title Roll your own LMS with Facebook. She says that rather than using a traditional LMS that students don’t use as often as they perhaps should, you can use Facebook as a “near perfect course management system,” with chat, file sharing, and “Courses.” It looks to me

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