GGG4L: Academic Applications

Welcome to stop #12 on Karl Kapp’s blog book tour for Gadgets, Games, and Gizmos for Learning. Although Karl’s book is generally focused on knowledge transfer in the corporate world, I’m finding a wealth of ideas for my work in the academic arena as well. Chapter 2: It’s In The Game and Chapter 3: The […]

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LCBQ: Ideal work environment

The September Learning Circuits Big Question is about the best places to work and the qualities that make them a good fit. The Work Itself One of the great things about instructional design, for me anyway, is the variety in what kinds of work I do. Designing and developing gives me a chance to write

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Blog Day 2007

Today’s Blog Day, billed as a time to celebrate “discovery of new people and new bloggers.” Here’s the directions if you want to join in. BlogDay posting instructions: 1. Find 5 new Blogs that you find interesting 2. Notify the 5 bloggers that you are recommending them as part of BlogDay 2007 3. Write a

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Firefox Extensions

I’m taking a break from the Social Networking as LMS discussion to revisit some ideas about what tools I use for my own learning and productivity. I’ve been thinking about this since I did my list of Top Ten Tools for Jane Hart’s top 100 list. Or maybe this is still related to the previous

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Facebook as LMS?

Sarah Robbins posted on Ubernoggin today with the title Roll your own LMS with Facebook. She says that rather than using a traditional LMS that students don’t use as often as they perhaps should, you can use Facebook as a “near perfect course management system,” with chat, file sharing, and “Courses.” It looks to me

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Online Networking in Courses

These are my notes from the presentation MySpace is not YourSpace: The Promise and Pitfalls of Online Social Networking at the Conference for Distance Learning and Teaching last week. The presenters were Alan Foley and Hal Meeks.The slides from the presentation are available as a pdf. Late Update: You can get the audio with the

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