Informal Learning

Collaborative Learning Trends

These are my live-blogged notes from the webinar Emerging Trends in Collaborative Learning from the WebEx/eLearning Guild Online eLearning Summit. My comments are in italics. Speakers Heidi Fisk, Co-Founder, The eLearning Guild Brent Schlenker, the Emerging Technologies Analyst, The eLearning Guild How do you define “collaborative learning”? Brent showed his online profile in different places

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Top Ten Tools: 2008 Update

Image citation Pixel mon amour from poluz‘s photostream. Jane Hart has asked a number of people to update their lists of favorite tools, for either e-learning or personal learning and working. I haven’t changed too much from last year’s list, but I have made a few adjustments. 1. Firefox: Firefox is the first application I

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Predictions for E-Learning in 2008

January’s Learning Circuits Big Question is about predicting what might happen this year in learning. Several of my predictions are pretty general and safe, but I did put a few specific ones in for good measure. Blogging as Professional Development I think (and hope) we’ll continue to see more individuals taking control of their own

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One Year of Blogging

Image created with typoGenerator My first two posts on this blog were published a year ago today. I posted about learning through blogging last week, but I want to look at some more of the stats. If you’re not interested in my self-indulgent meta-analysis and navel-gazing, go ahead and skip this post. Total number of

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Communicating with SMEs

Image citation Communication by DailyPic A large part of what I do as an instructional designer is working with SMEs (Subject Matter Experts). These are the people we hire because they have the deep knowledge of a specific area. In my company, they also often eventually serve as facilitators for the course. Of course, some

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Does Ning Crash Your Browser?

I had given up on Ning several months ago when it suddenly started crashing my browser whenever I tried to access messages or friend requests. However, I thought I’d try again after seeing mention of the Building a Better Blog group and several others related to learning and education. Unfortunately, things don’t seem to have

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