Lifelong Learning

Five Years of Blogging

Five years ago today, I published my first two posts on this blog. As I noted in my first post, five years ago I was developing a course on social media tools for K-12 teachers called Building Collaborative Online Environments. I didn’t feel that I could really encourage teachers to use these tools with digging […]

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10 Minutes of Motivation Research

Daniel Pink shared this animated whiteboard video explaining some of the research and ideas from his book Drive. Pink’s ideas have been applied to learning by others, but the basic idea is that for all but the simplest tasks, people aren’t motivated well by big monetary rewards. What rewards people is autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

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Two Free Online Conferences

This morning I learned about two free online conferences, one focused on educational technology in K-12 schools, one more focused on corporate learning. The first is the FETC Virtual Conference and Expo on October 22. I haven’t attended this conference before, but it looks interesting and the price is right. This is geared mostly for

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TCC09 Conference Liveblogging

As I did last year, this year I have again liveblogged the TCC09 online conference. The theme for the Technology, Colleges, and Community conference this year is The New Internet: Collaborative Learning, Social Networking, Technology Tools, and Best Practices. Our team also gave our presentation about Choosing and Implementing the Right LMS on Thursday, 4/16. All

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Stats Review from 2008

I’ve been blogging for just over 2 years now; my first posts were on December 26, 2006. Like many bloggers, I definitely had a slow start: only 44 views in all of January 2007. Now I’m averaging over five times that every day. My numbers aren’t nearly as impressive as someone like Stephen Downes, but

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