Daily Bookmarks 01/06/2008

KMWorld.com: The Future of the Future: Boundary-less living, working and learning Annotated

Blurring the lines between work, life, and learning. I don’t think most of us are completely at this boundary-less balance yet, but working from home certainly does change where my boundaries are.

The bottom line: Organizations can no longer focus strictly on working, while ignoring living and learning. Neither can you, as a knowledge professional. The enterprise of the future must bring all three of those areas into balance.

Living means loving what you do and finding fulfillment in it. Working means doing what you love, in a way that is both challenging and rewarding. Learning means continually making new discoveries and putting those discoveries to work, both personally and professionally.

In essence, you and your organization, and your extended network, are now co-dependent. Your ability to grow is limited if your organization and network aren’t growing. Likewise, if you aren’t growing, you are inhibiting the growth of the organizations to which you belong. Think brain trust, as opposed to assembly line.

    In the Middle of the Curve: Archive of Moodle Posts

    Wendy Wickham’s list of posts about implementing Moodle, from start to finish, including the change management that was necessary.

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