Daily Bookmarks 01/10/2008

Wavelength – IDCWC Online – Instructional Design and Content Writing Certificate Course (Online), India

tags: e-learning, instructionaldesign, interactivity, learning, pedagogy

Samples of e-learning content about Bloom’s taxonomy and instructional design. I don’t agree with everything in the content or how it’s presented, but there’s always something to learn from looking at other people’s interactive learning.

Being a Girl and Being a Boy: The Voices of Middle Schoolers

tags: diversity, k-12, middleschool, quoteable, research

Quotes and research about gender differences in middle school

Teacher Magazine: The Parent Factor

tags: diversity, learning, math, science

Parent attitudes affect their children’s attitudes towards math and science. This article also examines how parents may unintentionally reinforce gender stereotypes for math and science, leading to lower interest for these subjects from girls.

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