Daily Bookmarks 01/19/2010

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  1. It is refreshing to hear someone who prefers “right” answers acknowledge the benefits of an indefinate correct response. As a language arts teacher, I have found that many of my students struggle in the area of literary analysis, because they have been taught there must be a “right” answer. As a result I have found it difficult to encourage students to contribute their alternative or opposing viewpoints to class discussions, because they fear their different point of view will be considered “wrong”.

    Although right answers are a key element to so many aspects of education and life in general, there are many instances when an opposing view is necessary for developing the appropriate response to a problem. Dan Myer’s instructional program for teaching students how to approach problems without a “right” answer is so appropriate for today’s student. It not only will prepare young people to be okay with such problems, but it also teaches them to embrace opposing views, which is a key component for collaboration.

    Nearly every education and professional institution has added some form os a collaborative effort to its program, so this is a skill that is essential for learners to have as they prepare for their desired profession or professional advancement.

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