Daily Bookmarks 02/05/2008

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Free images and textures for personal or commercial use

    Innovate: When the Medium Illustrates the Content: Exploiting the Unique Features of Online Communication Annotated

    tags: communication, criticalthinking, e-learning, highered, instructionaldesign, research

    Case study of a course developed with 7 principles of effective online course design (from Chickering & Gamson). Explains how each of the principles was demonstrated and includes student evaluations of the course. Students felt the course was effective in teaching critical thinking skills and promoting student interaction, with many students rating it higher than face-to-face courses.

      • encourages contact between students and faculty,
      • develops reciprocity and cooperation among students,
      • encourages active learning,
      • gives prompt feedback,
      • emphasizes time on task,
      • communicates high expectations, and
      • respects diverse talents and ways of learning.
      Students perceived the course as having the most impact on their critical thinking skills, with 87% rating the course as extremely or very useful in developing these capabilities
        Overall, 79% of respondents felt that this totally online course was extremely or very useful in fostering student interaction, a principle of effective teaching that students often fear will be lacking in their online courses (Bullen 1998; Ward 1998).

          Innovate: Online Teaching and Classroom Change: The Trans-Classroom Teacher in the Age of the Internet

          tags: assessment, communication, e-learning, education, instructionaldesign, k-12, multimedia, research

          Research on teachers doing both face-to-face and online teaching. 75% of the teachers said that teaching online improved their face-to-face teaching. Course design and communication changes were most common, but some teachers also added multimedia.

          You Suck at Photoshop, Hilarious Tutorials by Donnie Hoyle | Laughing Squid

          tags: humor, photoshop, tutorials

          Not your standard Photoshop tutorials. Screencasts with audio, with the instructor playing the role of a very dysfunctional man.

          A List Apart: Articles: The Rules of Digital Engagement

          tags: career, communication, orgculture, telecommuting

          Communication for virtual teams, including ideas for dealing with conflict and keeping morale up. I agree with the idea of debriefing on long projects regularly rather than just at the end of a project; you can adapt and correct course more easily, plus everyone stays more connected.

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