Daily Bookmarks 02/25/2008

The Bamboo Project Blog: Using Voicethread to Create an Online Presentation Portfolio

tags: audio, portfolio, voicethread

Interesting idea–using Voicethread to create mini presentations for an online portfolio

Creating Passionate Users: Ten Tips for New Trainers/Teachers Annotated

tags: credentials, education, informallearning, learning

Kathy Sierra, from 2005, arguing that simply having taken a lot of classes doesn’t make one a good teacher or trainer (“I’d make a good brain surgeon, because I’ve HAD brain surgery.”) However, she also argues that motivated people can be self-taught.

    But with that out of the way, nobody needs a PhD (or in most cases — any degree at all) in education or learning theory to be a good teacher. Just as there are plenty of great software developers and programmers without a CompSci degree. People can be self-taught, and do a fabulous job, for a fraction of the cost of a formal education, but they have to be motivated and they have to appreciate why it’s important.

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