Daily Bookmarks 02/27/2009

  • If you’re using Facebook, especially if you use it with multiple groups of people (friends, family, professional contacts, bloggers), friend lists are highly recommended. This is also a good article to pass along to people who are resistant. To some extent, I figure all the privacy is illusory; people can still share what they know, after all. But it’s at least some protection.

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  • Report from the National Council of Teachers of English with a call to action to teach writing appropriately for the 21st century. Writing now often happens outside school in social spaces where people learn informally through their peers. Includes an overview of how writing has been viewed historically and how that has affected how we teach writing.

    “Writing has never been accorded the cultural respect or the support that reading has enjoyed, in part because through reading, society could control its citizens, whereas through writing, citizens might exercise their own control.”

    “Writing has historically and inextricably been linked to testing.”

    “In much of this new composing, we are writing to share, yes; to encourage dialogue, perhaps; but mostly, I think, to participate.”

    “First, we have moved beyond a pyramid-like, sequential model of literacy development in which print literacy comes first and digital literacy comes second and networked literacy practices, if they come at all, come third and last.”

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