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Big6: An Information Problem-Solving Process

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Information and technology literacy model plus curriculum for K-12 through higher ed. Can be used as a problem solving model too. Includes 6 stages: task definition, information seeking strategies, location & access, use of information, synthesis, and evaluation.

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tags: education, highered, lifelonglearning

Jeff Jarvis asks what the disaggregated university would look like, with students and professors both picking and choosing the best of what they wanted.

Start here: Why should my son or daughter have to pick a single college and with it only the teachers and courses offered there?…
Similarly, why should a professor pick just from the students accepted at his or her school? Online, the best can pick from the best, cutting out the middleman of university admissions….
Once you put all this together, students can self-organize with teachers and fellow students to learn what they want how and where they want. My hope is that this could finally lead to the lifelong education we keep nattering about but do little to actually support. And why don’t we? Because it doesn’t fit into the degree structure. And because self-organizing classes and education could cut academic institutions out of the their exclusive role in education.

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