Daily Bookmarks 03/07/2008

growing changing learning creating: Relying on inner teachers Annotated

tags: change, diversity, education, learnercontrol, quoteable

Looking at changing education and giving learners control of their own learning, letting their “inner teachers” guide them.

When we assume each student has an inner teacher within their minds, we will stop interfering with the discovery, cultivation and trust building with that inner teacher. The inner teacher will come to the fore of the students learning experiences and and reconfigure how they picture learning occurring. Problems with a particular learning challenge or patterns of learning efforts will get worked out between the student and the inner teacher who already knows what the underlying problems are…
When immersed in learning from everything that happens, people will appear very fascinating to each other. No two people will be the same and offer so much more to explore as their mysterious nature captivates other learners. The process of getting learned about by others– will give each a feeling of being understood. A context of mutual respect, insight and acceptance will dramatically reduce the urge to get attention, get even or act out frustrations.

    elearnspace: A World without Courses

    tags: distributedlearning, e-learning, reputation

    George Siemens presents ideas about what a world without courses would look like. We have lots of pieces of content that can be distributed for learning, but how do we assign value to that learning? What about a reputation system, where experts recognized within the network can evaluate the work of others? What about recommending other learning resources, like Amazon recommends other books? Siemens raises some very interesting possibilities here.

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