Daily Bookmarks 03/20/2008

The Bamboo Project Blog: Dump Your Resume–Build a Reputation Instead

tags: career, identity, portfolio, reputation

Even perfect resumes won’t always get interviews, according to a recent small-scale experiment. So what do you do instead? Build your reputation online, create an identity for yourself, and develop your online portfolio.

CARET: The Impact of Media and Technology in Schools

tags: constructivism, education, research, technology

1998 literature review of technology in education, showing benefits of technological tools especially within constructivist learning environments.

21st Century Learning: We Got Your Back Annotated

tags: actionresearch, change, digitalliteracy, education, k-12, leadership, skype

Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach starts with how Skype is a disruptive technology, explaining conversations with Al Upton (miniLegends’ teacher). She transitions into what it means to be a teacher leader in the 21st century and mentions research on the long-term learning benefits of innovative teaching.

These are the roles of a 21st Century educator: Teacher as leader, Teacher as writer, Teachers as 21st Century literacy activist.

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