Daily Bookmarks 03/29/2008

Ideas and Thoughts from an EdTech » Blog Archive » Diigo you have given me a headache

tags: privacy, socialbookmarking

Negative post about Diigo, specifically that new users are apparently asked to import contacts and can end up sending spam to everyone they know.

The Connected Classroom: DIG-ging diigo… Annotated

tags: socialbookmarking, socialnetworking

Long, detailed post about getting started with Diigo with all the things the author likes about Diigo over delicious. She says the networking is the biggest benefit; you know who is part of your network and can easily contact them and share. She also likes the ability to share with groups and Twitter.

    Social Bookmarking Conundrum « Thumann Resources

    tags: education, socialbookmarking

    Resources for getting started in Diigo and comparisons between Diigo and Delicious

    Wikinomics » Blog Archive » Wiki collaboration leads to happiness

    tags: collaboration, productivity, wiki

    Great visual showing how much simpler collaborating on documents with a wiki is than emailing attachments back and forth. Based on a report of collaboration within the US intelligence community (hence the logo for the wiki side of the table).

    Cool Cat Teacher Blog: The Five Phases of Flattening a Classroom Annotated

    tags: education, k-12, learnercontrol, walledgarden, web2.0

    Vicki Davis explains that classrooms can’t jump immediately to being fully connected–you have to take steps to build the community and teach the safe behaviors. In 5 phases, Vicki goes from the “intra-connected classroom” to a classroom with many-to-many connections and student management.

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