Daily Bookmarks 03/31/2008

Classroom Management Quotes

tags: education, quoteable

Some good quotes on classroom management and education

The Bamboo Project Blog: Guide to Using Free Tools to Create an Online Portfolio

tags: career, portfolio, tools

6 steps to create your online portfolio (something I really should start working on one of these days)

Site Community for christytuckerlearning.com,

tags: community, diigo, socialbookmarking, socialnetworking

Better view of the site community around my site, showing which pages are bookmarked, how many have been bookmarked, and who saved them.

Search People By Site > Diigo

tags: community, diigo, socialbookmarking, socialnetworking

Vanity search on Diigo to see everyone who has bookmarked my blog. They call this the “user community” around the site.

Diigo sandbox in elluminate in 1 1/2 hour… | Diigo Message System

tags: diigo, howto, socialbookmarking

Message conversation on Diigo including suggestions from Maggie Tsai on a step-by-step path to introduce/explore Diigo. This starts with the basics and gradually adds features.

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