Daily Bookmarks 04/01/2008

Top 10 Worst Captchas | John M Willis ESM Blog

tags: humor, usability

These are just awful Captchas–great examples of failures for usability.

Clive on Learning: PowerPoint accessibility

tags: accessibility, powerpoint

Discussion of accessibility challenges in PowerPoint presentations with suggested solutions for each.

eLearn: In Depth Tutorials – Designing and Developing E-learning Projects: A Three-Tiered Approach

tags: e-learning, instructionaldesign, projectmanagement

Breaks e-learning development into three categories according to complexity: bronze, silver, and platinum. Bronze projects are simple tasks like revisions that can often be done with rapid development. Silver projects might be converting face-to-face content to online or compliance training. Platinum projects are high-impact, resource-intensive projects, including academic courses.

Diigo User Communities ~ Stephen’s Web ~ by Stephen Downes

tags: diigo, groupthink, learningcommunity, socialbookmarking

Stephen Downes linked to me twice in one post. W00t! This is a nice overview of the flurry of activity around Diigo over the weekend, with links to a number of posts from educators exploring the new version.

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