Daily Bookmarks 04/02/2007

Universe / by Jonathan Harris

  • Web application to view information on what’s happening on the web. Search by keyword or phrase and see related terms, people, and quotes–the “universe” surrounding that idea. Requires a fast connection.

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Quote: If we were to make new constellations today, what would they be? If we were to paint new pictures in the sky, what would they depict? These questions form the inspiration for Universe, which explores the notions of modern mythology and contemporary constellations. It is easy to think that the world today is devoid of mythology. We obsess over celebrities, music, movies, fashion and trends, changing madly from one moment to the next, causing our heroes and idols to come and go so quickly that no consistent mythology can take root. Especially for those who don’t practice religion, it can seem there is nothing bigger in which to believe, that there is no shared experience that unites the human world, no common stories to guide us. Because of this, we are said to feel a great emptiness.

bfree – export courses from Blackboard at EdTechPost

Inside Higher Ed :: Librarians Tackle Information Illiteracy  Annotated

  • Summary of research on what college students do and don’t know for information literacy, such as when to cite sources.
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Quote: 100 percent of incoming liberal arts freshmen surveyed use online sources, most think it’s easy to know when to document a source but nearly half couldn’t determine when one was required

    Eide Neurolearning Blog: Why It’s Hard to Get Rid of Old Ideas

    • Research on what is happening in our brains when people try to change our minds, with some brief conclusions for education and how we teach.
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    Ning Visualization – Ning Network Creators

    • Recorded animated visualization of the connections between networks on Ning. Each time someone moves from one network to another, a line appears and connects the networks. The networks gradually move away from each other on their own, but when a connection is made, they are pulled together.
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    1. The Universe application is completely amazing; I definitely agree with you. I love finding little gems like this online that stretch my thoughts and give me a new way to look at something.

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