Daily Bookmarks 04/11/2008

  • Advantages for online learning at the K-12 level to help disadvantaged students. In spite of the title, this is about more than just racial issues.

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    • In fact, Jackson said, out of all the high schools in Illinois that implement online learning, a predominantly Hispanic high school has the highest online learning pass rate. This school has managed to recover dropouts and has encouraged parents raising children and/or working full-time to enroll as well.
    • “Online learning isn’t just some remedial course we’re giving to minority or disadvantaged kids,” said Rose. “It’s a high-quality education that’s helping to meet individual student needs.”
      Jackson argued that sometimes online courses are even more rigorous than traditional courses, because they are more interactive, require technology literacy, and provide a host of online resources for a student to take advantage of.
  • Cathy Moore created this quick practice on using active verbs to liven up e-learning. “It’s time for…celebrity verbs!” is a great example of a short learning object that is complete by itself.

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