Daily Bookmarks 04/13/2007

Cognitive Daily: Casual Fridays: Casual readers read more closely than you think

  • Results of a quick study done to find out how well people read and remember long articles online. Their findings point to keeping long articles all on one page rather than splitting them up into shorter chunks, contradicting other things I’ve read..
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Syllabus – Digital Classroom: Teaching Information Literacy

  • Syllabus from an information literacy course which includes resources for using primary sources in the classroom
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The Learning Page… especially for teachers

  • Library of Congress page for teachers with lesson plans, activities, and more
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MAKE BELIEFS COMIX! Online Educational Comic Generator for Kids of All Ages

  • Another tool to create comics, but more kid safe than Toondoo. Choose a character and an emotion, move, scale, and flip. Characters are in black and white; you can add a background color. No way to store or save electronically is provided; only email and print.
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Clive on Learning: Barbara’s tennis holiday

  • Clive Shepard’s story (downloadable as a pdf) introducing blogs & wikis. The emphasis is on the story and what the protagonist learns rather than the technology.
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2 Cents Worth » Literacy & Learning in San Antonio  Annotated

  • Quote from David Warlick, paraphrasing David Jakes
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Quote: …to teach, you have to approach an issue from all directions, and then push it up against all pressure points — text, sound, images, video.  Knowledge is a key, and the tumblers of the learners mind are nuanced.  It takes many grooves that are precisely machined, to align ideas into knowledge.

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