Daily Bookmarks 04/15/2008

  • Tips and tricks for implementing social learning tools (Web 2.0 tools for learning) in organizations, focused on how to get people in the organization to buy in and actually use the tools.

    tags: e-learning, social, web2.0, orgculture, learning, change

      • Oftentimes, when social learning is discussed at an organization, some workers shy away. They see their knowledge as their power, and they’re afraid to give up that control. How to overcome this? Emphasize their ability to help others and play a bigger role in helping the organization, instead of hoarding the knowledge. (Sometimes easier said than done.)
      • If you’re getting pushback on social learning technologies (ex. blogs and wikis), you may want to have evangelist(s) at your organization who take lead and emphasize the potential of these tools, show examples, etc.
    • “What is the perfect social learning implementation? There is no such thing. Use whatever tools and methodologies that help your teams collaborate best.”
  • A challenge to the coherence principle: the idea that all information in multimedia learning should be essential, and nothing should be added simply for interest. This research found that in an authentic learning setting that performance was the same whether learners had only the essentials or had additional interesting information, directly contradicting Clark & Mayer’s work.

    tags: multimedia, e-learning, engagement, research, learning

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