Daily Bookmarks 04/26/2008

  • Collected student work published in an online journal–poetry, stories, animation, photos, and more.

    tags: education, writing, multimedia, web2.0, k-12

  • Basically, the research shows that students do sometimes forget and let abbreviations from texting into other writing, but overall the technology use and writing students do improves their writing. Links to multiple studies done in the last several years.

    tags: research, writing, education, technology

    • In 2003, there was a study that showed that all this writing online was actually making kids more comfortable with writing in general. In 2004, a study showed (like this one) that with a little instruction kids easily understood the difference between texting and writing. In 2005, a study actually found that kids were better writers than in the past “using far more complex sentence structures, a wider vocabulary and a more accurate use of capital letters, punctuation and spelling” even if they sometimes let a txtism into their writing. And, in 2006, a study showed that students showed no ill effects from widespread text and IM messaging.

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