Daily Bookmarks 05/06/2008

  • Book review describing online education as a disruptive technology for K-12 education. The educational system as it exists right now, the authors argue, can’t adapt to new technologies and provide the individualized, student-centered approaches possible with online learning. Compares models of change in business to education.

    tags: change, k-12, education, e-learning, studentcentered

  • One of the founders of Flickr writes about building online community. One of his big points is that if you create too many hard and fast rules, people are less creative and open to conversation. It’s better to build community by providing spaces for people to negotiate the guidelines for themselves as much as possible.

    tags: community, flickr, conversation, learnercontrol, creativity, quoteable

    • The sculpture demonstrated a fascinating idea: given fewer rules, people actually behaved in more creative, co-operative, and collaborative (or competitive, as the case may be) ways.
    • Any time you construct specific rules of engagement, they are instantly open to interpretation and circumvention, and we want our members to negotiate their place with each other, not with The Authority.
    • Any community—online or off—must start slowly, and be nurtured. You cannot “just add community.” It simply must happen gradually. It must be cared for, and hosted; it takes time and people with great communication skills to set the tone and tend the conversation.
    • We also tried to create an egalitarian playing field. At a glance, visitors can’t differentiate a professional photographer with an enormous lens from an enthusiast just getting started in photography. There is no indication of “quality” apart from the content itself.
    • Participate in the community you’re trying to build. Add content, make contact, show yourself as a person and have fun.

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