Daily Bookmarks 05/09/2008

  • 21 points from research on feedback summarized, plus a downloadable free report with all the details. Feedback is generally good for learners and should tell them the right answers, plus maybe why it’s right. Lots of insight about what kinds of feedback to use or how to use feedback depending on the results you’re aiming for.

    tags: research, learning, feedback, e-learning, training

      • Immediate feedback prevents subsequent confusion and limits the likelihood for continued inappropriate retrieval practice.
      • Delayed feedback creates a beneficial spacing effect.
      • When in doubt about the timing of feedback, you can (a) give immediate feedback and then a subsequent delayed retrieval opportunity, (b) delay feedback slightly, and/or (c) just be sure to give some kind of feedback.
      • Feedback should usually be provided before learners get another chance to retrieve incorrectly again.

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