Daily Bookmarks 05/22/2008

  • Article from the Toronto Star on integrating diversity in teacher education programs, therefore fostering a sense of respect for diversity in the classroom. Nice example of integrating diverse perspectives in geometry using Moroccan tiles, plus community involvement through parent computer training.

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    • And before they set foot in a classroom, student teachers must examine their own cultural identity – race, gender, social class, even sexual orientation – so they are aware of the bias they may bring to a classroom.

      “Our research shows who you are impacts how you deal with children, so the worst thing is to act colour-blind,” said Solomon, whose urban diversity program has graduated more than 1,000 teachers over the past 14 years, many of whom have gone on to school leadership positions in the field of equity.

    • “Teachers need to know more than the 3 R’s; if you don’t know the community your students live in – the social, the racial dynamics – you won’t be as effective,” said Solomon.
  • American history museum with some online exhibits and primary source materials. Quizzes and other materials for teachers also available.

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