Daily Bookmarks 05/24/2008

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  1. Will Richardson uses a good analogy for internet safety: swimming. We know that swimming pools can be dangerous for kids, so we have lifeguards and put up fences with locks. But we also teach kids to swim. There’s a place for realistic safety precautions, yes, but blocking everything won’t prepare kids for the real world any more than building fences around pools will teach them to swim. Preaching to the choir here, I know.

    I’m trying to do my little part by integrating wikis, blogs, and other technology into the courses our company provides for educators. Teacher both need to learn the skills and to see the advantages of the technology.

    No, I’m not going to NECC. It’s pretty focused on technology within the face-to-face K-12 environment. I work “behind the scenes” designing online graduate courses. Not that it wouldn’t be fun to interact with educators who are in the trenches, but NECC isn’t the best fit for the actual work I do. Last year our team went to the Distance Teaching & Learning conference at UW-Madison. This year I think we’re going to Educause in October. Any chance you’ll be at the Educause conference?

  2. Thanks for the comment, Christy.

    I keep hearing educators and school districts stuck in this avoidance cycle. They really think they’re taking care of the children by blocking everything.

    We’ve got our work cut out for us: educating about Web 2.0 for every age and at every level.

    See you at NECC?

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