Daily Bookmarks 06/18/2007

Eide Neurolearning Blog: Voluntary Control of Attention – Visual and Auditory Multi-Tasking  Annotated

  • Looking at what happens in the brain when we’re multitasking with both the visual and auditory channels. This seems to contradict the cognitive overload theory, at least in how it’s presented here. I need to go through some of the references provided to dig deeper.
     – post by christyinsdesign

There is a yin and yang effect between visual and auditory attention. When one is looking, then auditory processing areas go down, and when one is listening, then visual processing areas go down. Mixed visual-auditory stimuli have an underadditive effect, so that if you have to do both at the same time, total brain activation goes down, and interestingly, language processing becomes more left hemisphere-dominant.

So Who Exactly IS Coming to Dinner? (Take the Survey) : Bump on the Blog

  • Discussion about the lack of diversity in the education technology blogosphere, including a survey to try to measure a snapshot of the population. Go take the survey and help him get a good set of data.
     – post by christyinsdesign

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