Daily Bookmarks 06/19/2007

Will at Work Learning: People remember 10%, 20%…Oh Really?

  • Will Thalheimer tracks down some “research” that has been cited unquestioningly by many learning professionals but isn’t really what it seems to be. It’s based on Dale’s Cone of Experience, but the numbers aren’t part of Dale’s original graphic and don’t seem to be based on any actual evidence. This reminds me of the creeping fox terrier clone; it’s why information literacy is so important.
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Educating the Net Generation | Resources | EDUCAUSE

  • EDUCAUSE ebook about how the net generation learns and how this affects higher education.
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  • Numerous links about constructivism. Authors are usually given, but not much more information about each individual link.
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  • Online mindmap generator for any subject on wikipedia. See how topics are connected on Wikipedia.
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