Daily Bookmarks 06/25/2007

Designer eLearning: Promoting Collaboration – Horton Summary

  • Summary of William Horton’s comparison of online collaboration tools: email, asynchronous discussion boards, chat, whiteboards, and screen sharing.
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‘Building Accessible Websites’ (Joe Clark; 2006.01.29)

  • Joe Clark’s accessibility book–full text available online. I have a print copy, but it’s nice to know that it’s available online to search or share with others.
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Demonstration of Different ways to Play a Sound from a Web Page

  • A couple of methods to embed and play audio in a web page. Each fix indicates whether it works on IE, Firefox, and/or Opera, although these are somewhat old fixes and were tested on older versions.
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Online Lectures: Benefits for the Virtual Classroom : August 2001 : THE Journal

  • Explores the benefits of synchronous discussion, including social presence and a sense of community.
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Tremblay: Best Practices and Collaborative Software In Online Teaching  Annotated

  • Beginning with a discussion of the benefits of synchronous discussion in online courses, this paper presents some best practices for interactivity and synchronous chat.
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They focus group energy, they permit real-time interaction (which can help develop group cohesion, especially for those less familiar with media-based learning) and, most importantly, they provide a familiar instructional environment that mimic many positive features found in the traditional classroom environment (i.e., synchronicity, verbal rather than text-based interaction, instructor presence, whiteboard presentation facilities, hand-raising for turn-taking, public and private messaging capabilities).

Synchronous Learning Model over the Internet

  • Guidelines for synchronous discussions focused how to effectively use these tools to promote learning.
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This paper describes an on-line synchronous learning model that aims to provide guidelines for teachers and students to conduct synchronous instruction.

Successful Synchronous and Asynchronous Discussions

  • Compares synchronous and asynchronous discussions. This 1-page PDF compares planning, implementing, and evaluating discussions with either synchronous or asynchronous tools.
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Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace

  • Ethnographic study about class divisions in MySpace and Facebook. MySpace tends to attract more teens from working class and immigrant families, while Facebook attracts more college-bound, upwardly mobile high schoolers.
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