Daily Bookmarks 06/28/2007

EDUCAUSE Quarterly | The Importance of Nonverbal Elements in Chat  Annotated

  • Study of nonverbal signals (smileys, multiple punctuation, onomatopoeia) in text-based chat. This research found that the informal nonverbals helped build the learning community and encourage groups.
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Nonverbal communication adds nuance or richness of meaning that cannot be communicated by verbal elements alone. Given time and experience, some of the same richness of real-time, face-to-face communication can occur in a virtual, text-based medium.

Second Life: Do You Need One? (Part 1) : June 2007 : THE Journal

  • Explanation of a newbie’s experience signing up and getting started in SL, including links to some resources she found helpful. Not really about education yet, but maybe part 2 will include some more information about educational uses.
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CASTLE – School Tech Leadership

  • Educational technology resources geared towards school administrators and colleges granting administrative degrees. Includes a certificate program for administrators based on the NETS-A standards. Technology tutorials (starting as basic as Excel) are provided. Some of this is a bit outdated, and the blog has a final post saying goodbye, but the archives still have some value.
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Video: Social Networking in Plain English | Common Craft – Social Design for the Web

  • Common Craft video explaining the value of finding hidden connections through social networking sites. Not as good as the RSS and wiki videos, but not bad for talking about this small part of a much larger topic.
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