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Enhancing the motivation of African American students: An achievement goal theory perspective Journal of Negro Education, The – Find Articles  Annotated

  • Research on using achievement goal theory to improve motivation among minorities in schools.
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Studies suggest that schools which emphasize task goals-the engagement in academic tasks for the purpose of learning and improving-are more conducive to Black students’ academic success and well-being than are those that emphasize ego goals-engagement for the purpose of excelling and besting others.

Cross-Cultural Motivation  Annotated

  • Provides an overview of various motivation theories, including some discussion on how these theories reflect American culture and values.
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Most motivation theories in use today were developed in the United States by Americans and about Americans. Of those that were not, many have been strongly influenced by American theoretical work. Americans’ strong emphasis on individualism has led to the expectancy and equity theories of motivation: theories that emphasize rational, individual thought as the primary basis of human behavior. The emphasis placed on achievement is not surprising given Americans’ willingness to accept risk and their high concern for performance. The theories therefore do not offer universal explanations of motivation; rather, they reflect the values system of Americans.

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