Daily Bookmarks 07/24/2007

‘Natives,’ ‘Immigrants’ and ‘Pioneers’ in the Digital World « Scholars and Rogues  Annotated

  • A perspective on the net generation from a boomer who says the dichotomy between digital natives and digital immigrants is often overly simplified. He talks about a third category of “pioneers” who were early adopters and share more characteristics with natives than immigrants, regardless of their age.
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But the point is that these writers and researchers totally ignore or overlook people like me who were the earliest users and adapters, and are ourselves ‘natives’. Or more properly, we’re pioneers, since we’re the ones who built, tested, and worked the bugs out of many of these things. We were the people in the university computer labs, or in the military communications shops, who put this technology to real-world use, and, when we could, started bragging about it to our outside friends.

WebToolsforLearners: Art From Art!

  • Video with portraits of women from the last 500 yearr quickly morphing into one another. The background music is the Sarabande from Bach’s Cello Suite #1.
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Errors contained in reference books – Internet Accuracy Project

  • A collection of known errors in various print reference books. It’s a good reminder that just because it’s printed doesn’t mean it’s always correct.
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Wikipedia:Errors in the Encyclopædia Britannica that have been corrected in Wikipedia

  • Wikipedia is collecting a list of Encyclopedia Brittanica errors–all of which have been corrected in the corresponding Wikipedia articles. A warning is included that this shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but it is a fun page.
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Soundsnap.com: Find and Share Free Sound Effects and Loops

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