Daily Bookmarks 08/03/2009

  • Like the title says, a research review on PLCs, synthesizing results from 10 articles.

    • All research supported the idea that learning communities change teaching practice, although not all articles were specific about what changes took place.
    • In one study, teachers in PLCs developed more student-centered classrooms. Some other studies discussed specific teaching strategies used as a result of PLCs.
    • All studies showed a change in school culture through “collaboration, focus on student learning, teacher authority, and continuous teacher learning.”
    • All 6 studies that looked at student achievement found that student learning improved. However, this was only seen when the focus of collaboration was student learning and not just working together.
    • Their conclusion: “The focus of a PLC should be developing teachers’ “knowledge of practice” around the issue of student learning”
    • “…working collaboratively is the process not the goal of a PLC. The goal is enhanced student achievement.”

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  • George Siemens’ 2004 introduction to connectivism

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