Daily Bookmarks 08/05/2008

  • Basic ratios for developing learning content, from 34:1 for ILT to 750:1 for simulations. (That’s 34 hours of development for 1 hour of instructor-led training.) Compiled from multiple Brandon Hall research reports.

    tags: instructionaldesign, projectmanagement, e-learning

  • Collection of articles about content migration. Even though this is about general CMS migrations and not specific to e-learning, most of this is relevant to e-learning and converting from one LMS to another. The summary of points to take away seems very true: we can’t expect perfect automated migration, and we have to anticipate that content will change.

    tags: lms, tools

    • Plan, plan, plan
    • Look into automated and semi-automated, but don’t expect miracles
    • Inventory first
    • Never migrate content as is — always expect changes
    • Keep metadata top of mind
    • Consider outsourcing for the simple tasks like cutting and pasting

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