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Connectivism Blog: Networks, Ecologies, and Curatorial Teaching  Annotated

  • Siemens presents another way of looking at the role of the teacher/educational leader besides just the “sage on the stage/guide on the side” comparison: as a curator for learning. “A curator is an expert learner.”
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Consider our happy little edublogger world. Some members have been blogging for a long time (notably Stephen Downes, Will Richardson, Jay Cross). Through their established networks, they can serve important roles of guiding and directing others to resources and concepts. Their experience enables them to put new developments into a historical context. They assist others to create networks…but they do more. They serve as curators of ideas, connections, philosophies, and world views. They create frameworks of interpreting and understanding history, new technologies, and trends through their work and public dialogue.

Engage learners in elearning with questions » Making Change

  • Nice demonstration of how questions can help draw people into e-learning and make it more engaging
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Facebook and the Enterprise: Part 5: Knowledge Management | confused of calcutta  Annotated

  • Some ideas about knowledge management and sharing learning, with Facebook as a potential tool for creating an environment where people can share
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I believe there are three primary reasons why an enterprise would want to “manage its knowledge”:

One, to share learning, so that the same mistake is not made multiple times.

Two, to share learning, so that activities get sped up.

Three, to share learning, so that people are motivated to learn and to teach.

To share learning.

Knowledge management is not really about the content, it is about creating an environment where learning takes place. Maybe we spend too much time trying to create an environment where teaching takes place, rather than focus on the learning.

Facebook at Work – Slacking or Networking?

  • A look at potential benefits for networking and collaboration through Facebook, with a dose of reality that, like any tool, Facebook can become a time waster too
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DOC Cop = Accurate + Fast + Free + Plagiarism Detection

  • Free tool (registration required) where you can check text of up to 550 words online.
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