Daily Bookmarks 08/27/2007

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection  Annotated

The collection focuses on rare 18th and 19th century North American and South American maps and other cartographic materials. Historic maps of the World, Europe, Asia, and Africa are also represented.

The Rockefeller Archive Center  Annotated

  • Collection of primary source materials from Rockefeller University and the Rockefeller Foundation. Not everything in the collection is available online, but there are some nice featured collections.
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The Center’s 35,000 cubic feet of documents, 500,000 photographs, and 3000 films provide unique insights into worldwide developments and issues of the 19th and 20th centuries. Major subjects covered in the records include agriculture, the arts, African-American history, education, international relations and economic development, labor, medicine, philanthropy, politics, population, religion, the social sciences, social welfare, and women’s history.

The Mutopia Project

  • Download sheet music and midi files for free. The music is either public domain or CC licensed. Most of the music is classical (Bach, Mozart, Beethoven), but there are some folk songs and some contemporary music as well.
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JSC Digital Image Collection

  • Collection of NASA press release photos, mostly not copyrighted (but check the license info). Lots of pictures from the Apollo missions and of the shuttles.
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American Folklife Center  Annotated

  • From the Library of Congress, resources on American folk culture. Lots of personal stories available in different collections.
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Today the Archive includes over three million photographs, manuscripts, audio recordings, and moving images. It consists of documentation of traditional culture from all around the world including the earliest field recordings made in the 1890s on wax cylinder through recordings made using digital technology. It is America’s first national archive of traditional life, and one of the oldest and largest of such repositories in the world.

Technophilia: Where the Web Archives Are – Lifehacker

  • Ideas for many places to get web archives and primary sources, from video clips on 9/11 to historic maps, plus weather and science data and celebrity crime info.
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  1. I’m hoping we can include this resource somehow for the online primary sources course. My SME is definitely most familiar with the historical photos from the Library of Congress, but I think that science teachers might find these images more useful.

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