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Dave Tosh :: Blog :: A shared learning environment  Annotated

  • Looking at shared learning environments as something to replace the traditional LMS, with a concept map by Stan Stanier.
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A problem with the PLE, VLE, CMS etc – is they imply separate entities; whereas the SLE paints a picture of using the tools most suitable for the job, from both the user and institutional prospective, then working together and sharing across boundaries – surely a worthy goal?

Wilfred Rubens: Shared learning environments link personal learning environments

  • Dutch with English quotes. My translation of the title (with help from babelfish) is “Shared learning environments link personal learning environments with ELOs.” Wilfred asks how you link the informal learning experiences acquired across multiple social networks with your formal learning experiences. He suggests that a coach or facilitator could play a role in making those connections.
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Implementing Elgg in HE :: Blog :: A shared learning environment?  Annotated

  • Looking at the idea of a shared learning environment rather than a personal one. Mostly this is about learning communities, especially how newbies join communities like the blogosphere and how the community reacts to them.
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Equally, and perhaps more importantly, the PLE concept focuses on the individual learner. All well and good, but the concept (or perhaps just the name) doesn’t give great emphasis to the fact that individuals contribute to the learning of others. Whilst PLEs clearly accept the importance of the networks learners establish in supporting their own learning, there’s also the significant fact that the very nature of the emerging technologies that support PLEs also play a huge role in allowing each learner to help others learn – the community nurturing learning and giving rise to an almost greater conciousness that helps support, develop and nourish learning amongst all the community participants.

At this point I’m not completely sure whether I’m introducing a new concept here or simply posting a plea for help but it does strike me that there’s a wider entity beyond the PLE and VLE – the idea of sharing learning – helping others in a mutually supportive community to foster learning and encourage participation – to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts – a shared learning environment.

YouTube – Content Aware Image Resizing

  • Very cool technology demo–resize and scale images with software that can detect the important content
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