Daily Bookmarks 09/26/2008

  • Collection of quotes related to online teaching and learning

    tags: quoteable, teaching, learning, e-learning

  • A pragmatic view of reusable learning objects. It’s a nice idea on paper, as Clive says, but the reality isn’t generally as clean as the theory. He sees the object-oriented approach to instructional design to overall be beneficial though.

    tags: learningobjects, instructionaldesign

    • And of course, it is difficult to create good content that is free of context, certainly not content that anyone would want to use.
  • What matters to Gen X/Y employees at work, written as a letter to Baby Boomers. Very much about what we value and what drives us crazy when working.

    tags: career, orgculture, change

    • 4.    We don’t respect titles; we respect people.
      The internet has served as a great social equalizer. In most online communities your value (and therefore reputation and power) are based on what you contribute not who you are. A well-read 18 year old who knows his stuff and is constantly active in the editing process of a Wikipedia article may be revered more than the heavily credentialed professor who interjects, corrects, and condescends to the community of the page. These relationships break down entitlements and, instead, center on accomplishment and contribution.
      So if you want to respected, simply play your part and contribute. You’ll be known for the actions you take that probably earned you that title in the first place.

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