Daily Bookmarks 10/08/2007

The Open Video Project

  • Collection of digital videos, including a small number of historical videos like the opening of the Claremont theatre in New York. A number of videos from NASA are included as well. Check the licensing on individual videos; some are CC-NC, but others may be copyrighted.
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Course Management Systems and Pedagogy

  • Analysis of how CMSs like Blackboard limit pedagogy and discourage constructivism. One point is that the default organization is often by content areas rather than time, forcing an artificial structure on a syllabus that usually is divided by weeks within a semester.
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TP: Images of American Political History

  • Small collection (500 images) of photos and political cartoons in the public domain.
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Harvard University Library: Open Collections Program

  • Collections of primary sources (manuscripts, books, pamphlets, maps, and photos) around themes and time periods. Currently two collections are available: Women Working (1800-1930) and Immigration (1789-1930). Two more collections are planned for 2008: Contagious Disease and Islamic Heritage. Resources are available for noncommercial educational use.
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CEP817 Audio Artifacts Lessons

  • Resources for educators on teaching with audio primary sources. Includes lesson plan sample and templates and rationale for using audio.
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Historical Voices

  • Searchable collections of historical audio recordings from the 20th century. Includes educational resources such as sample lesson plans.
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Talking History

  • Online radio show about US aural history, plus archives of historical audio clips.
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  • Image collection with a global perspective. Photos and art are included. CC-NC license.
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ScienceDaily: Preventing Bullying At Schools With Computer Role Play Game

  • No stats on the effectiveness are provided in the summary, but the concept is interesting: a simulation where children play the role of an invisible friend of a victim of bullying. The narrative of the simulation is determined by the choices made by students playing.
     – post by christyinsdesign

Eide Neurolearning Blog: Video Game Training Narrows Spatial Gender Gap

  • As a group, men tend to do better than women on visual spatial tasks. This research shows that 10 hours of training with a video game helped narrow the  “spatial gender gap in spatial attention and mental rotation.”  – post by christyinsdesign

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