Daily Bookmarks 10/22/2007

Connectivism Blog: Digital Natives and Immigrants  Annotated

  • George Siemens critiques Prensky’s digital native/digital immigrant dichotomy, arguing that it isn’t supported by research and is too focused on age rather than experiences. Siemens does agree that schools need to change, but not for Prensky’s reasons.
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But our institutions need to change because of the increasing complexity of society and globalization. Schools and universities play a dual role: accommodating learner’s method and mode of learning and transforming learners and preparing them to function in the world that is unfolding. This distinction may seem slight, but it’s important.
Why should schools react to learner’s methods of learning and interacting with content? Well, obviously, if we ignore how they interact with each other and with content, we are largely subjecting them to a mode of thinking (linear, certainty-based) that is at odds with how they experience life (complex, social, and collaborative). Contrary to Prensksy’s views, this distinction is NOT a function of age. It’s a function of attitude…a mindset of experimentation…experience with technology.

Half an Hour: Should All Learning Professionals be Blogging?  Annotated

  • Stephen Downes’ argument for blogging and professional transparency
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What can you know about a profcessional who doesn’t blog his or her work? How do you know they are competent, that they have the respect of their peers, that they understand the issues, that they practice sound methodology, that they show consideration for their clients? You cannot know any of this without the openness blogging (or equivalent) provides. Which means, once a substantial number begin to share, there will be increasing pressure on all to share.

Allies and Aliens | Introduction

  • Great example of narrative and context in e-learning for teaching critical thinking skills and evaluating bias in media. It’s somewhat linear, but I think it would be engaging for the middle school students it’s geared towards.
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