Daily Bookmarks 10/30/2007

ASCD: The Perils and Promises of Praise  Annotated

  • Motivation in students is connected to whether students view intelligence as a fixed aspect or something they can work to improve. The type of praise given (for intelligence or for process/hard work), affects how students view intelligence and therefore their motivation.
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Some students believe that their intellectual ability is a fixed trait. They have a certain amount of intelligence, and that’s that. Students with this fixed mind-set become excessively concerned with how smart they are, seeking tasks that will prove their intelligence and avoiding ones that might not (Dweck, 1999, 2006). The desire to learn takes a backseat.

Other students believe that their intellectual ability is something they can develop through effort and education. They don’t necessarily believe that anyone can become an Einstein or a Mozart, but they do understand that even Einstein and Mozart had to put in years of effort to become who they were. When students believe that they can develop their intelligence, they focus on doing just that.

Performance support & Connectionism — Informal Learning Blog  Annotated

  • Interesting ideas from Jay Cross, with heavy quoting of NY Times columnist David Brooks. Brooks writes about becoming dependent on GPS rather than using brain power to remember routes. Cross talks about GPS as performance support and argues this is a prime example of connectivism (well, he says connectionism, but that isn’t what he means). There’s some lifelong learning in here too.
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The common wisdom holds that in the information age, we are each responsible for our own learning. The new insight is that we are each responsible for our own instructional design. We must ask ourselves whether we want to learn something or just to learn how to find it.

LC Interviews Dr. Michael Allen

  • “Down with Boring E-Learning!” Interview with Michael Allen for Learning Circuits. Covers instructional design, boring e-learning, evaluating effectiveness, and common misunderstandings of e-learning.
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Kapp Notes: Design: Advantages of Interactivity  Annotated

  • Advantages of interactivity in e-learning, with several good quotes and citations
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In fact, Michael Moore, of the American Journal of Distance Education, wrote that interactivity between a learner and the content is “the defining characteristic of education. Without it there cannot be education, since it is the process of intellectually interacting with content that results in changes in the learner’s understanding, the learner’s perspective, or the cognitive structures of the learner’s mind.”

William Horton, a leading expert in the field of web-based instructional design, in his work titled Designing Web-Based Training. Horton writes, “Interactivity boosts learning. People learn faster and develop more positive attitudes when learning is interactive.”

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