Daily Bookmarks 10/31/2008

  • Tony Karrer bumped into his limit for a free Jing account, so he asked for other free tools. Zaid Ali Alsagoff provides some options to check out.

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  • Like several other people, I just found this 2006 post from Stephen Downes on 10 things you should learn that you won’t be taught in school. Great thoughts for lifelong learning, wherever you are in life.

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    Lots of snippets from this post below; the full version has much more

    • 1. How to predict consequences
    • The prediction of consequences is part science, part mathematics, and part visualization.
    • 2. How to read
    • Oddly, by this I do not mean ‘literacy’ in the traditional sense, but rather, how to look at some text and to understand, in a deep way, what is being asserted
    • 3. How to distinguish truth from fiction
    • The first thing to learn is to actually question what you are told, what you read, and what you see on television. Do not simply accept what you are told. Always ask, how can you know that this is true? What evidence would lead you to believe that it is false?
    • 4. How to empathize
    • Empathy isn’t some sort of bargain. It isn’t the application of the Golden Rule. It is a genuine feeling in yourself that operates in synch with the other person, a way of accessing their inner mental states through the sympathetic operation of your own mental states. You are polite because you feel bad when you are rude; you are honest because you feel offended when you lie.
    • 5. How to be creative
    • Creativity, in other words, often operates by metaphor, which means you need to learn how to find things in common between the current situation and other things you know.
    • 6. How to communicate clearly
    • Communicating clearly is most of all a matter of knowing what you want to say, and then employing some simple tools in order to say it.
    • 7. How to Learn
    • Learning to learn is the same as learning anything else. It takes practice.
    • 8. How to stay healthy
    • Finally, remember: you never have to justify protecting your own life and health.
    • 9. How to value yourself
    • You can have all the knowledge and skills in the world, but they are meaningless if you do not feel personally empowered to use them; it’s like owning a Lamborghini and not having a driver’s license.
    • 10. How to live meaningfully
    • If you don’t decide what is worth doing, someone will decide for you, and at some point in your life you will realize that you haven’t done what is worth doing at all.
  • Looking at power and leadership, especially how power works within networks as opposed to groups or as individuals. Includes a nice list of principles for leadership in networks from Paul Skidmore.

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