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Society for Cinema & Media Studies – Fair Use Statement

  • Best practices for fair use for educators. This focuses on film and media studies, but the concepts are generally broad enough to apply to any subject.
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blog of proximal development » Blog Archive » Conversation with Pre-Service Teachers – Teacher as Learner  Annotated

  • Reflection on showing your students that you’re still learning while still retaining your role as expert guide. The emphasis here is on giving up the micromanaging control rather than the expertise. Note how he keeps the passion for lifelong learning as part of modeling for the students.
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And so, the challenge is that when I try to divest myself of my teacherly voice I need to remember that this process is not about losing the voice of the expert but about losing the voice of the traditional authoritarian teacher who enters the classroom as an official persona armed with a pre-defined set of goals and very specific lesson plans for his students to follow. It is about giving the students the freedom to engage with ideas that they find relevant and interesting, not about dictating every step of their learning process.

I believe that it is important to lose the authoritarian voice, the controlling voice, but not the voice of an expert who chose to teach because of his passion for the subject. The students need to see that the instructor is someone who lives and breathes whatever it is that they’re studying, that they have in their midst someone who has a wealth of expertise.

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