Daily Bookmarks 11/20/2007

Famous Quotes: Educational Quotes for the 21st Century

Using Images in E-learning – Chapter 1 – Teaching Strategies – Summary – Print Version

  • How images can be used for e-learning: for presentation, interaction, and to support specific teaching strategies.
     – post by christyinsdesign

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Your E-Learning Graphics Sizzle – The Rapid eLearning Blog

  • Ideas for making more interesting graphics using cutouts, drop shadows, and changing perspective. – post by christyinsdesign

A List Apart: Articles: How to Size Text in CSS

  • Great explanation of text sizes for web design so they resize correctly across multiple browsers. One of the most interesting parts of this article is that it doesn’t just show the final product. It gives transparency for the entire process the author took to come up with his solution, with examples for each step in the trial-and-error process along the way.
     – post by christyinsdesign

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