Daily Bookmarks 11/28/2007

Kapp Notes: CAC: Nathan Eckel Annotated

  • Notes from a presentation. Check the five concepts for working with SMEs (or doing any ID project).
    – post by christyinsdesign


Nathan had five different concepts to keep in mind while working with the SME or any ID project.

Fluidity trumps rigidity (go with the flow, don’t follow process without variation)

Pragmatism trumps idealism (sometimes you need to tone done expectations to be able to grasp what the client really wants.)

Progress trumps perfection (sometimes need to get project done rather than get everything “right”)

Practicality trumps theory (set high standards but be willing short cut if necessary)

Mentoring trumps correcting (make sure you focus on the mentoring aspects and the growth aspects rather than “red inking” all the SME is doing)

Bloomsburg U Tailors Online Learning to the Deaf

  • Course content adapted for the deaf and hearing impaired. Instead of just closed captioning for audio (which is already more than most colleges probably do), these courses also include sign language interpreters with a webcam. This is more extensive than what most colleges would need; this is for a masters program in educating the deaf and hard of hearing. It raises the bar for any college that isn’t doing at least minimal accessibility though.
    – post by christyinsdesign

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