Daily Bookmarks 12/03/2009

  • Common objections to telecommuting and how to respond to them. Good answers, but I wish citations were given rather than just “Statistics show…” or “Recent surveys have shown…” If you used these arguments, you’d need to do some additional research to back up the claims.

    tags: telecommuting, career

  • Some US stats on disabilities that affect web accessibility. Links to UN, UK, and Australian stats are also included.

    tags: accessibility, webdesign

    • The most commonly discussed disabilities affecting website accessibility are sight and hearing impairments. These specific impairments encompass 6.8 percent of the population age 15 years and older – and climb to encompass 21.3 percent of the population when you look specifically at the population over 65, according to the 2005 report. Eight-point-two percent of this same population is listed as having difficulty grasping objects– which affects the use of a mouse.

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