Daily Bookmarks 12/19/2007

FREE — Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

Portal for teaching resources from multiple US government sites–NASA, DOE, etc. Lesson plans and some primary source material are included.

CSS Creator IE6 left-shift after div

Solutions for a CSS problem I was having with our team blog. Text following a blockquote was cut off on the left. Without a width on the blockquote, IE6 tries to treat the width as 100% plus padding. Putting a width of 80% on the blockquote seems to have fixed the issue. If everyone would just switch to Firefox, my life would be so much easier.

Sarah’s Musings: Leaving comments on my blog

A response to a conversation on how to increase comments on a blog: a guide to commenting, including why comments are important to the blog author. I also like how she makes it clear that disagreeing with her is fine too.

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